everyone talks about windows….. windows windows and windows…… why do people stick to something which is expen$ive though user friendly…. why not to something which is free though not much user friendly… LINUX…. The OS which is going the to change the fate of many people and change the life style of a computer…. perhaps its the life style of a computer.. using windows over and over for a long period of time makes an exhausted rather say continuous rough and tough uses of the system hardware… and reduces thier life time…. but in linux the kernel is designed in such a way that with any system having min resources.. it works best and gives the optimum performance….like wise there are many disadvantages in windows like the major problem everyone faces in this centuary is the VIRUS… a virus can easily effect a system having windows rather than in linux…. in windows the windows are always open… anything can enter or leave but in linux everything need to follow a protocol…. its a well established fact that a system in linux though contains a virus… no file is being efected in the presence of a virus…. such is the stability of a system in linux… so after reading this do u still like to have a windows running in your system dumping all your memory and resources or would you for a change use linux….”A day will come when every system has LINUX in it.”